How to trim your cat’s nails

Nail trims can be performed by one or two people with most cats states Amanda L. Maus, DVM, at Catalina Pet Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.  It is important to perform the nail trim on your lap or on a table to help make the process easier.  There are several types of nail trimmers.  Most people prefer the scissor type that can be bought at most pet stores. Trimming your cat’s nails once monthly not only trims the nails, it allows you to inspect the feet for any health issues.

In order to trim a cat’s nail, you must first push on the base of the nail to make it easier to see where you will be cutting.

Cat photo 1

Then look for the blood supply aka quick of the nail.

Cat photo 1






Make sure to cut the nail above the quick so you do not cause the cat any pain.

Cat photo 2






Repeat this process with each of the 5 nails on the front feet and each of the 4 nails on the rear feet.

Cat photo3

You do not need to trim all 18 nails at the same session.  Some cats do better with only a few nails done at each sitting.

Some cats are not agreeable to having their nails trimmed at home.  Your veterinarian’s office offers nail trimming services and is able to complete the task quickly for the cat.