Are you ready for another pet?

Most pet adoption organizations operate under the same simple mission: Make sure the pet’s next home is its last home.

Before you bring home a new dog or cat, there’s a million things to think about – where will you find your pet? Will your pet get along with your other pets? How will you help your pet adjust and keep your pet healthy? We can help you find the answers.

Know Your Family
Pet adoption screeners are skilled at matching pets to people. The more questions they ask you, and the more honestly you answer, the better suited your family will be to the pet you finally bring home.

The Adoption Process
The dog or cat you want has to get along with the pets you already have. Your pet also has to meet the needs of the humans in your family. Start by making a list of the non-negotiable qualities a new pet should have.

The First Checkup
Regardless of the age or breed of your new pet, a visit to the veterinarian and a complete physical exam should be a top priority. Start your pet off right with vaccinations, baseline testing, and a clean bill of health.

Plan for the Unexpected
Sometimes pets get sick, and sometimes pets are lost. Both are experiences that can be less traumatic for you if you’ve planned ahead. Pet insurance can save you valuable dollars and help you follow your heart when making healthcare decisions. Most animal shelters now scan for microchips. Both should be considered as soon as you bring your new pet home.