Eastern Shore Hospital gives ‘Beef ’ a second chance

In the wee hours of the morning, a yellow lab mix puppy, who was likely less than six weeks old, was abandoned at the doorstep of Eastern Shore Animal Hospital in Painter, VA in a National Beef box.

The puppy was seizing and while staying at the hospital had vomited a large amount of wild cherry pits. The hospital immediately posted an awareness message on their Facebook page to educate their clients on the dangers of toxic plants and tried to track down the puppy’s owner.

Within hours, the hospital had their entire community talking about “Beef ” as they were inundated with feel good messages. While the puppy was in critical condition, the hospital continued to keep their fans updated on the status and progress through social media. When she began to become more mentally alert and physically stable, the hospital even posted a video to their Facebook page to show her improved condition. Watch the video here.

Beef made a full recovery and was adopted by a family in Lynchburg that renamed her Koda. What a great way to engage the power of social media to educate clients about the dangers of ingesting harmful substances, as well as find a new home for a puppy in need.  Let’s all wish them luck because Koda is a lively lady now that she has made a full recovery!