Thanksgiving Safety Tips

The holiday season has arrived, but with all of the celebration comes possible health concerns for our furry friends. Emergency visits to the veterinarian increase during the holidays and are usually due to pets having eaten something they shouldn’t have. Below are some general tips to enjoy the holidays with your pet this year:

Make no bones aboutbone it. Meat bones can easily splinter and cause serious damage to your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Make sure you have properly disposed of all of the bones and that the garbage is kept out of reach from your curious companions.



catPets aren’t for stuffing. Too many fatty, seasoned, unfamiliar foods can lead to pancreatitis and gastroenteritis in your pet. Both of these medical conditions can be painful and even life-threatening. If you decide to give your pet a bite of turkey, make sure it is boneless, lean and well-cooked to avoid salmonella bacteria.



Avoid the sweets, stick with treats. Consider all of the desserts prepared during the holidays, many of which contain chocolate and other toxic ingredients to our pets. Keep your pet’s noses out of the batter and focused on a treat of their own such as a made-for-pet chew bone or a Kong toy.



kitchenKeep out of the kitchen. Even if your pet isn’t one to snoop through the trash, the tasty smells of freshly cooked food can be very tempting, so make sure the garbage and kitchen preparations are properly tied up and covered to avoid your pet reaching any dangerous items or making a mess of the festivities.



Eeat drink.gifat, drink, and be merry. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays, make sure your pet has fresh water, food of their own and quiet time away from the excitement to ensure they aren’t overwhelmed by the festivities.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Safety Tips

  1. I’m sure if my dog could talk she would tell me all the time how she deserves some of the food we eat too! We have been very strict about not letting her eat people food, with the very occasional small morsel here and there. Besides the holiday seasons, we have a lot of parties at our home, especially during the summer for barbecues, and will need to take extra precautions to make sure they don’t eat anything they aren’t supposed to. Thanks for the great tips!

  2. I have been concerned about this type of thing for a while! My family has a lot of big dinners, and my husband like to feed the leftovers to our pets. While I’m sure my food is delicious, I am not always certain that this is healthy for our dogs and cats. It is really nice to read a list of what types of leftovers are not good for pets. Thank you for your detailed information and descriptive tips!

  3. With the holidays coming soon, I think it is good to know these tips. I found it interesting that we should not give our animals meat with a bone in it. I thought they would be safe and not have the chance of causing serious damage.

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